We decided to use the car trailer from MCC MovieCamCar. That gives you the possibility of doing shots of a driver, without them actually driving the vehicle.
It is easier for the cast to focus on the performance, while the driver of the trailer can make sure you drive safely. Also the trailer makes lighting from outside a lot easier with various rigging options around the car. With the onboard electrical dolly we were also able to cover various camera positions around the car without stopping for a new setup.
We used the Lomo Anamorphic Lenses on this one, which gave us beautiful flares from the car lights in perfomance & car shots.

Directed & Edited by Julian Richberg
Producer: Katarzyna Sekula / Schneiderlein - Production Assistance: Björn Mager - Colorist: Thomas Otto - 1. AC: Joko Neumann - Gaffer: Joel Kinast - Best Girl: Jenny Roeders - Car Trailer: MCC MovieCamCar
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